Project certainty in uncertain times

Improve your position in the new, highly distributed world with AI driven transformation management software.

Designed to automate assurance processes

It’s never been more important to enable collaboration and monitor the predictors of success. Guide your teams, suppliers, business stakeholders and clients to successfully work together and ensure project certainty even in a highly distributed environment.

Support and upskill project delivery teams

Our cloud base, and AssuranceAmp software equips executives, project managers and PMOs with a data driven approach to successfully deliver projects, using tools are designed to support and up-skill project delivery teams and executives.

Reduced uncertainty

High performance teams

Improved probability of success

Enable comprehensive project quality with SolutionAmp

AssuranceAmp’s modular SolutionAmp feature gives you the full computing power of automated software to deliver a quality business solution on time.

Plan for quality and certainty

Assist your teams to create a quality framework that will enable your project for success.

Clearly defined the work products that will be developed in each stage of your project

Establish a clear “Definition of Done” for all selected work products and your contribution to solution quality and certainty

Assign clear ownership for work product completion

Execute, check, guide & improve

Give your team the ability to control and review progress at any point in the project.

Identify the level of completion for each work product against the definition of done for the forthcoming control point

Understand identify gaps (exceptions) and risks associated with those gaps

Get clear improvement recommendations actions to fix gaps and uncertainties in the system

Maximise your team performance with TeamAmp

Keep your whole team (project team, stakeholders, suppliers etc.) active, focused and aligned with the TeamAmp feature.

Powerful group analysis

Measure how aligned and effective all parties in the team are in defining and delivering the required business solution. Are they being influenced by external forces? How can these risks be addressed?

Benchmark the views and behaviours of your team

Machine learning software takes the direct input of all parties involved in your project to give you an overall benchmarked view of their often hidden behaviours, how aligned they are, and how this influences a project’s probability of success.

Detailed performance breakdown

Gain a detailed understanding of the performance attributes of your project, benchmarked against the target for success. This allows you to understand specific behaviours that contribute to success.



Get specific recommendations of targeted actions to correct underlying, often hard to detect behaviours. This ensures you maximise and align the performance of your team to increase your probability of success

Track your overall project health